Your money and equity are no good here.


ID8 Innovation is looking for interesting and disruptive young companies that may have technical synergies with our select group of enterprise partners. Our focus is on driving innovation at large corporations, and as part of the effort we foster relationships between these partners and companies like yours for possible investment opportunities, product development collaborations, incubation, or strategic partnerships. Whether your startup is building the next big thing in wearables or solving the challenges of health data, we want to talk to you.


Our experience both as investors, advisors to accelerators, and startup founders makes us intimately aware of the early challenges in revenue generation and user traction. ID8 identifies business opportunities that appear mutually beneficial for an enterprise partner and a startup, and we then assist in bringing that opportunity to fruition.


Although we are interested in hearing from startups in any vertical, based on our current partner roster we are particularly interested in those solving challenges in:

  • Automotive

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Healthcare

  • Retailing & eCommerce

  • Consumer Electronics

  • IoT / IIoT

  • B2B Tech

  • Consumer Services